Monday, January 6, 2020

Mobile Photography, Scenes At The Stop II

Scenes At The Stop II 01
Scenes At The Stop II 02
Scenes At The Stop II 03
Scenes At The Stop II 04
Scenes At The Stop II 05
Nokia Asha 300


Scenes At The Stop II

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, documenting the aura and ambiance of a train stop'

Another two stops actually. The top image, at the first stop, looks up at the roof structure covering the stop at the overhead LRT line. The rest of the images, at the second stop, looks at the connectivity, design, and engineering of the interchange, which connects the first stop to the ground-level railway platform below.

Coupled with the time of day, which is much later than the morning rush hour, both had only a very few people around, and the spaces were wide open to the imagination. The ease and fun of using a mobile device like the Nokia Asha 300 for telling stories are very apparent here. It does not take more than slipping the camera out of your shorts or pants pocket, holding it away arm's length, to document, in essence, the aura and ambiance of the place.

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