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Mobile Photography, Extended Exposure Images

Mobile Photography, Extended Exposure Images 01
Mobile Photography, Extended Exposure Images 02
Mobile Photography, Extended Exposure Images 03
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Mobile Photography, Extended Exposure Images

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, taking the cue with the camera phone held steady for an extended exposure image captures'

I do a variety of photography genres for this blog using an assortment of digital and film cameras and lenses that I have in my collection. The range of paraphernalia includes, interestingly, a circa 2011 candy-bar Nokia Asha 300 feature phone which came with a fixed-focus 5MP rear-facing camera which is a kind of favorite of mine right now.

Nokia Asha 300
What I like most about the 5MP camera on the Nokia 300 are images that are tone-perfect bright daylight images that are sharp, crisp and clear which never fails to impress.

Half of the anticipation of using the camera comes from the fact that the best way to use the camera is to shoot on a guesstimate arms-away image framing stance.

The Nokia 300 has a 2.4-inch screen which you can see hardly see from in bright outside light, which this reduces the ability to frame the image on the screen to almost zero. There is nothing you can do to adjust any settings on the camera either. The best you can do is to hold the camera straight ahead, above your head, or any other way you want to hold it and press the shutter away.

As I carry the camera around almost everywhere I go, the urge to capture images that are constant, lingering, and sometimes repetitive especially for low-light or night shot. For these shots, I try to hold the camera steady for a while longer so that the extended exposure time the camera is capable off is fully utilized.

No, I won't even term these images as long-exposure shots, even if they really are. To me, these are just images from an extended exposure photography outing with a handheld candy-bar feature phone camera, the Nokia Asha 300. Images were post-processed on Olympus Workspace and print sharpened on Google NIK Sharpener Pro3.

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