Monday, October 8, 2018

Mobile Photography, Starting Afresh

Mobile Photography, Starting Afresh 01
Mobile Photography, Starting Afresh 02
Mobile Photography, Starting Afresh 03
Mobile Photography, Starting Afresh 04
Mobile Photography, Starting Afresh 05
HMD Nokia 3.1

Mobile Photography:

Starting Afresh

I ended up downgrading from my old and beaten up Nokia Lumia 720 to the consumer-grade Nokia 3.1. As the reviewers put it, there's nothing great about this run of the mill model. Rather slow and sluggish, it falls short on what the competition has to offer, camera and all. The default 13MP resolution of the F2 AF camera setup is only for taking photos in the 4:3 aspect ratio. Change the setup to 16:9 or 18:9 image aspect ratio and the effective megapixel count goes down to 8MP.

Nokia 3.1 Camera Interface

The camera itself is a straight and simple affair, an interface with the shutter release at the bottom of the viewing screen, a switch to video mode next to it and a shortcut to the gallery on the other side. On the top is a tiny mode selector gives you the option to choose Regular photo, Panorama, or (very basic) Manual mode, and toggles for Beauty, Self-Time, HDR, Flash, and Selfie switch mode.

In retrospect, the image capture ratio does not matter much really, as I am now doing a lot more images in the square 1:1 format. This means that I will be doing image cropping in-camera and with the editing functions that are available, I may be able to reduce the time spent on the desktop.

These early images are what I came up leading to this post. They are not at their best, with lots of room for improvement.

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