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Monday, August 20, 2018

Five Frames With A Nokia Lumia 720, The Seats Are All Yours

Mobile Photography, The Seats Are All Yours 01
Mobile Photography, The Seats Are All Yours 02
Mobile Photography, The Seats Are All Yours 03
Mobile Photography, The Seats Are All Yours 04
Mobile Photography, The Seats Are All Yours 05
Nokia Lumia 720
Mobile Photography - Images with a Nokia Lumia 720, the seats are all yours, you may pick and choose as you please.
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It is a fact that using the camera on your phone is very cool and convenient. The phone is always with you and you do carry it around all the time. When it comes to taking images or capturing the moment, the process is simple and straightforward. Much like the point-and-shoot cameras of the past, it only needs a simple touch of a button to record the scene and the image is saved automatically in the phone's memory.

An advantage to you is that phone cameras are mostly, if not completely, automated. Even if you are not a trained photographer, using a camera phone is a good choice to start your interest in photography because it does not require any special training on your part. Once you learn the easy editing tools that are available as part of the phone apps and how to post the image on Instagram you’re all set to be a member of the worldwide photographic community.

On the other hand, you may be the owner of a consumer-grade smartphone that is a millennium year old and is only fitted with a camera app that you cannot do little in terms of in-camera settings or exposure adjustments. What can you do to get these images post-processed? No worries here, just have the images transferred and post-processed on the desk- or laptop system which has been installed with image management and post-processing apps that are free to download and install.

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