Monday, May 7, 2018

Analog Diary, The Ride

The Ride 01
The Ride 02
The Ride 03
The Ride 04
The Ride 05
Pentax MX, SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8


The Ride

'Five frames with the SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8, on the LRT ride out of the city'

Sans the hustle and bustle of the inner city, the grind, and whine of electric motors, the surge of acceleration as the train leaves the station, the rattle, and skittle as the track rise and fall, the rocking and swaying on the bends, the hushed dead stops less than a minute away, and you are taking the ride, virtually in a world of your own.

Pentax MX, SCM Pentax-M 40mm f/2.8

These images were of the receding cityscape viewed from the windscreen of a driverless LRT coach as I was heading home after the day out with the SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8 and the Pentax MX. Again, sans all the clamor and the incessant assault on your physic and senses, a rail ride is always an experience to reflect upon and to enjoy.

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