Monday, April 23, 2018

Digital Moments, The Catch (2018)

The Catch (2018) 01
The Catch (2018) 02
The Catch (2018) 03
The Catch (2018) 04
The Catch (2018) 05
Olympus PEN E-P5, Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7


The Catch (2018)

'Five frames with the Minolta MD 50mm F1.7, catching the folks at the fishing tourney'

A quick detour to the local city lake where a fishing tournament was being held. I did not have the chance to spend as much time as I needed and just managed these few shots of part of the substantial crowd well dispersed on the bank of the lake. Participants have already cast their lines and are now waiting for the bites.

Olympus E-P5, Minolta MD 50mm F1.7

The MD 50mm F1.7, as tested, is the last in a long line of standard kit primes produced by Minolta for SR mount bodies. It is a pleasant lightweight, and on the unit I used focus is still smooth, and handling on the E-P5 is just about right, if not excellent. The lens has a 49mm filter thread, easy to come by on the auction sites, and is relatively inexpensive.

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