Monday, December 18, 2017

Analog Diary, Trying To Get It Right II

Trying To Get It Right II 01
Trying To Get It Right II 02
Trying To Get It Right #II 03
Trying To Get It Right II 04
Trying To Get It Right II 05
Holga 120-Pan


Trying To Get It Right II

'Five frames with the Holga 120-Pan, trying to get it right with a roll of expired Fujifilm Pro 160-S'

Well, here I am, back again with the Holga 120-Pan at the park right near to where I live, and as per my previous visit, I had the camera loaded with a roll of expired Fujifilm Pro 160-S.

Holga 120-Pan

The Holga 120-Pan is a medium format 6x12 panoramic camera released around 2010. Its form factor is based on the Holga 120-WPC pinhole camera body, as can be seen, by the same field of view lines are on top of the body.

The camera comes with a viewfinder attached, two hot shoes, and a level bubble, features that make the Holga almost a complete contraption all set and ready for tilt and yaw adjustments.

Holga 120-Pan

The 90mm optical lens has the same four focusing distance position as seen on other Holgas as well - 1M,  2M, 6M, and 10M-Infinity. Same as other Holga cameras are the single (N) 1/100 second shutter with a B(ulb) setting. The film back has a fixed film counter window.

To get the correct frame count, the film must be advanced to the next odd-numbered exposure number, otherwise, the film will not be properly forwarded to cover the panoramic film frame and overlapping exposure will occur. An optional 35mm film kit is also available which can expose 24 x 108mm images.

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