Monday, April 17, 2017

Five Frames, Half-Frame Photography, The Landscape

Half-Frame Photography, The Landscape 01
Half-Frame Photography, The Landscape 02
Half-Frame Photography, The Landscape 03
Half-Frame Photography, The Landscape 04
Half-Frame Photography, The Landscape 05
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Olympus Pen EF

Five frames with a half-frame Olympus Pen EF, looking at the landscape in portrait format, or in a 3:4 aspect ratio.

Learning to compose and capture landscape images in portrait format is fairly straightforward, and you will be adept at it soon enough. One of the things you can do is to practice composing your image with the inclusion of negative spaces.

Olympus Pen EF

This technique will also create a break in the composition, giving your vision a moment of rest before taking in the rest of the composition. Using a wide or ultra-wide-angle lens in portrait framing is another added advantage.

Though not wide enough for really spectacular wide-angle landscape shots, the Olympus Pen EF, for example, with its 28mm f/3.5 lens can be a good learning camera to start with. The f/3.5 lens, which focuses from 1.4 meters to infinity, is equally capable of getting the foreground, mid, and background elements in focus throughout the depth of field. The camera needs only to be held in its normal horizontal position for these shots.

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