Monday, March 6, 2017

Sun In Your Eyes

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Nokia Lumia 720

Mobile Photography:

Sun In Your Eyes

'Five frames with the Nokia Lumia 720, on the drive home after a hard day's work'

Sun in your eyes means also that you are looking to capture lens flare as part of your creative, or will it be just silhouettes?

Nokia Lumia 720

Direct sunlight does make metering tricky and if you are using a DSLR for the shoot you will want to use the 'spot' metering mode and meter off a mid-tone area for even exposure.

Bracketing is also a technique you want to use. If you are on a planned outing for lovely sunset or sunrise shots, have the session planned properly. Scout the location a day or two before the shoot, anticipate what the weather will be, layout and set up your gear properly, play the shots in your head and plan for it as meticulously as you can, sit and wait it out.

Keep shooting, light changes are remarkably fast, and your scene can look vastly different after just a few minutes.

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