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Monday, February 13, 2017

Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5, Trial Shots

Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5, Trial Shots 01
Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5, Trial Shots 02
Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5, Trial Shots 03
Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5, Trial Shots 04
Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5, Trial Shots 05
Vintage Lens Test - Five frames, putting the Olympus Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5 on trial, with the lens mounted on the Olympus E-P5.
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Took the Olympus Olympus Zuiko OM 300mm F4.5 out of the dry box and mounted it on the Olympus Pen E-P5 with the OM Adapter MF-2, just to see how it feels and handles, and what will it takes to lug it around on a shoot or assignment. On the Olympus E-P5, the lens will be equivalent to an f/9 600mm super-telephoto lens. Lined the combo up on the front porch, and grabbed a few test shots, wide-open, of my immediate environment.

The combo looks and feels great and fits the E-P5 rather well, and for a lens that is light on the budget (comparatively), and super sharp even at wide open, the 300mm F4.5 is the one to look at if you are into wildlife or mountain photography. On the E-P5 the lens is still handholdable though it normally comes with its own tripod collar which allows for a free rotation for both horizontal and vertical shots.

Olympus E-P5, Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm F4.5

Olympus Pen E-P5, Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm F4.5

With a simply outstanding build quality, the lens also features a built-in retractable lens hood and comes with a large filter attachment that accepts threaded 72mm filters. Images as you can see here, are tack sharp all around with little or no diffraction, and good contrast and saturation with the colors. The lens can also be used with the Teleconverter 1.4X-A.

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