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Monday, December 19, 2016

Half-Frame Photography, Sorting The Images

Olympus Pen EE-S, Sorting The Images 01
Olympus Pen EE-S, Sorting The Images 02
Olympus Pen EE-S, Sorting The Images 03
Olympus Pen EE-S, Sorting The Images 04
Olympus Pen EE-S, Sorting The Images 05
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Olympus Pen EE.S

#HalfFramePhotograpsy - Five half-frame images with an Olympus Pen EE-S, sorting the images from a roll of expired film.

It was a while back when I took the Olympus Pen EE.S and a roll of expired film for a session in the garden. Had the roll developed, and scanned, but kept aside and was completely forgotten because I missed uploading it to the image editor.

Olympus Pen EE-S

To cut the story short, I came across the folder only just recently, opened it up and uploaded the images to the desktop, sieved my way through a lot of mostly murky and muddy images, and decided to edit a few for this posting.

Expired films do not become useless as soon as it passes past the expiry date. Some can last years, or even decades, past their expiry date as long as they’re carefully stored. Heat and radiation are the main culprits that will eventually turn the film into a fogged mess.

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