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Olympus Viewer 3: An Ensemble in Dramatic Tone

OV3: An Ensemble in Dramatic Tone, Image 01

Olympus Viewer 3 Dramatic Tone tool
Art filter highlights the lighter parts of the image while simultaneously darkening the darker aspects like shadows, making the image more contrasty and foreboding. The effect also washes out the colors slightly, giving it a retro feel.

This art filter effect can be used for a variety of photographic genres, it can even surprise you with its unpredictability.

OV3: An Ensemble in Dramatic Tone, Image 02

You can use this art filter effect to create a more edgy feel to an urban environment or to emphasize the shapes and contours of the buildings in cityscapes. Landscapes, especially in wooded areas, can be made more moody and spooky if you are going beyond black-and-white.

OV3: An Ensemble in Dramatic Tone, Image 03

While I shoot in RAW, I have not gone far enough to experiment with the Dramatic Tone or any other art filter effects in the camera. I have always used it during post-processing while managing and editing the images using Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3), my desktop image management and editing software suite. The suite gives me a wider range of tools to work with which I can do at a more leisurely pace.

OV3: An Ensemble in Dramatic Tone, Image 04

Do not just stop there. Do a project with other filters that are available as well. Among these are the ones I find exciting to work with the Pop Art filter - which super-saturates colors, creating brighter, more vivid photographs; Pin Hole - which mimics shooting with a pinhole camera; Grainy Film - which produces a gritty black-and-white film quality; and Cross Process - which mimics an effect shooting color transparency film, but processing it in color negative chemistry (and vice versa).

OV3: An Ensemble in Dramatic Tone, Image 05

If you are experimenting with these filters in-camera, one of the better options is to shoot both in RAW and JPEG. If the camera is set to capture the image in JPEG, then the image will be captured in JPEG only, with the art filter effect applied. On the other hand, setting the camera to RAW+JPEG will let the camera record a RAW file version of the image as well, which can be preserved or edited later on OV3.

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