Getting Started With Street Photography

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Getting Started With Street Photography

What are your thoughts about street photography, the side of life that is about documenting everyday life and society? It is generally done candid, not necessarily only in the street, but done anywhere there is people and activity.

© 2017 Kamaruddin Mohd Nor @ ImagingPixel, All rights reserved. Do it at the train station, airport, in the mall, beach, park, while commuting, waiting for your dental appointment, lining up to the grocery store counter, or in any other public places.

The ultimate? Capture the essence of the moment, emotion, humanity and all.

If you are starting out fresh, there is plenty of resources available on the internet on how to get started, how to weave your way through life on the street, and how to set yourself up with the right camera and lenses.

Draw and learn from the sources listed here, give yourself to courage to do it right.

In the words of Drew Hopper from the article '10 Tips for Successful Street Photography' listed above:

"Strong street photos come from powerful ideas and emotions captured in a simplistic manner. It comes down to perception to force yourself out with your camera to capture decisive moments that unfold in front of you."

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