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Monday, October 22, 2018

Olympus XA4 Macro, Ladies Are All Smiles

Olympus XA4 Macro, Ladies Are All Smiles 01
Olympus XA4 Macro, Ladies Are All Smiles 02
Olympus XA4 Macro, Ladies Are All Smiles 03
Olympus XA4 Macro, Ladies Are All Smiles 04
Olympus XA4 Macro, Ladies Are All Smiles 05
Film photography favorites, analog diary, image making with an Olympus XA4 Macro, at the Ramadan Bazaar, the lull before the crowd.
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I am still following up on the images of Squaring the 28mm which was posted way back over a year ago, and the more recent All Set and Ready. The scene was at the Ramadan Bazaar and the camera was, of course, the Olympus XA4 Macro. The images sort of grew me as I went through them repeatedly, and it all seems fitting with the square 1:1 image aspect ratio that I am posting them in.

The Olympus XA4 Macro, as you know it, came fitted with a Zuiko 28mm F3.5 lens, which is about the best, and is a highly recommended focal length for street photography. Considered a wide-angle lens, using a 28mm lens means that you have to get in close to the subject, or go for the scenery, which is not always the best solution.

Olympus XA4 Macro
Olympus XA4 Macro

Cropping the images back to the square, while removing the superfluous, ones helps to simplify the composition. You can also do away with the 'rule-of-thirds,' and with extraneous elements removed, and adjusting the frame to capture only the strongest elements of the image, you might end up with an image worth presenting.

Elements that are prominent in the square format are shapes and lines. Shapes, unlike in the one-third rule, can be placed centrally in the composition, while triangulated lines make the composition stronger as they pull the viewer’s eye through the frame. With the 28mm lens, getting good bokeh shots is naturally out of the question, and you may also get stumped when going for a balanced composition.

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