Monday, October 1, 2018

Analog Diary: All Set and Ready, Olympus XA4

#AnalogDiary All Set and Ready, Olympus XA4 01
#AnalogDiary All Set and Ready, Olympus XA4 02
#AnalogDiary All Set and Ready, Olympus XA4 03
#AnalogDiary All Set and Ready, Olympus XA4 05

All Set and Ready

'Analog diary, down at the bazaar, all set and ready for the crowd rush with squared off images from the XA4'

A long time coming, this belated post should have been posted much earlier and not too long after the initial Analog Diary: Squaring the 28mm, Olympus XA4 post. Images were from the same bazaar environment, with this post focussing on the pairs or individuals who were in the midst of setting their stall up ready for the crowd that was due. While these images show that the crews are only of the male gender, they are not necessarily so.

Different from original Olympus XA, the only true rangefinder camera of the series, the Olympus XA4 Macro is fitted with a wide-angle 28mm F3.5 lens with close focus capability, thus the Macro designation, which is at 0.3 meters (12 inches).

Standard with the camera is a lanyard cord which can be used to measure this distance. Flash units are optional between the A11 of the A16 which uses 2xAA batteries instead on one as found on the A11.

Keep the notion of the macro mode aside and you will find that the XA4 is a great street shooter as well. Though the lens, at F3.5, maybe rather slow, the 28mm focal length lens is perfect for street photography, as you can follow with the resource links listed:

Resource Links:
28mm - The Perfect Lens for Street Photography?
Street Photography with a 28mm Lens

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