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Monday, January 15, 2024

FinePix BigJob HD-3W, An Early Morning Shoot

FinePix BigJob HD-3W, An Early Morning Shoot 01
FinePix BigJob HD-3W, An Early Morning Shoot 02
FinePix BigJob HD-3W, An Early Morning Shoot 03
FinePix BigJob HD-3W, An Early Morning Shoot 04
FinePix BigJob HD-3W, An Early Morning Shoot 05
The CCD Sensor: On an early morning shoot with the 6MP CCD Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W.
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n early morning session with the Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, a heavy-duty ruggedized all-weather 6MP CCD digital camera I am recommending for CCD enthusiasts who are out-and-about, and on the go. The camera is water, dust, and shockproof, can withstand a fall of up to 0.7 meters, and comes with a reinforced glass coating cover wide-angle 3x (28-84mm) optical zoom lens, a big 230,000 pixels 3-inch LCD, ISO sensitivity of up to 1600 for the low noise in low light level shots, and a powerful flash that can be set for up to 10 meters. The camera is powered by a pair of easily available AA batteries.

The camera is reminiscent of the 35mm point-and-shoot autoexposure cameras of the old, easy to use, and comes with ample-sized buttons and a layout that is equally easy to use while wearing gloves, a 5 mode exposure selection button (Auto, Manual, Scene Position, Movie, and CLS), and an equally simplified shooting menu that can be accessed through the LCD interface. The camera has an automatic shutter speed range from 2 to 1/2000 second, has a 27MB internal flash memory, and stores images on xD-Picture Cards. In Manual mode, the camera can be set to a fixed ISO sensitivity level.

Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W

When the camera was first introduced to the UK and Europe in 2007, it was also promoted as having two world firsts, a 'Detection of Manipulation' system that records whether an image has been edited since it was first shot, and CALS, a mode also takes 1-megapixel pictures for quick and easy distribution by email. The camera was perfect for forensic and insurance investigations then, and could very well be today's go-to camera for the rough-and-tough adventurous outdoors

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