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Monday, August 22, 2022

Five Frames, Mobile Photography, Dawn

Mobile Photography, Dawn 01
Mobile Photography, Dawn 02
Mobile Photography, Dawn 03
Mobile Photography, Dawn 04
Mobile Photography, Dawn 05
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Nokia Asha 300

#MobilePhotography - Five frames with a vintage candy-bar Nokia Asha 300, catching the break of dawn.

Nokia Asha 300

Another dawn session with the Mobile Photography, a candy-bar 2011 production model, discontinued, which I am still using, albeit only occasionally now. The camera has served me well, and as far as I can remember, has always delivered sharp and scintillating 5MP JPEG images worthy of display on these pages.

Specifications of the candy bar include a 2.4-inch touch screen, 5 MP camera, Radio FM, MP3 support, a microSD memory card slot, and a 24-day standby time. The Nokia Asha was then one of the leading phones on the market for battery life.

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