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Video Guides, Pentax DSLR Cameras with CCD Sensors

Re-Living the CCD Sensor - Video guides on Pentax digital SLR cameras with CCD sensors.

Pentax K-m (Pentax K2000 in U.S.) (2008–2009)

Pentax K200D (2008–2009)

Pentax K100D Super (2007–2008)

Pentax K10D (2006–2008)

Pentax K100D (2006–2007)

*ist D Flagship model (2003–2006)

Pentax introduced their first Digital SLR under Digital *ist series and released the first flagship model, the Pentax *ist D which uses a Sony 6 megapixel CCD in 2003. The series thgat follows includes the *ist D Flagship model (2003–2006), *istD with D-BG1, *ist DS (2004–2005), *ist DS2 (2005–2006), *ist DL (2005–2006), and *ist DL2 (2006).

The series was updated when Pentax announced a new line of Digital SLR cameras to replace Digital *ist series in May 2006. The K100D and K110D replaced *ist DL2 and DS2, while incorporating in-body shake reduction in the K100D model. The Pentax K10D, a new flagship model in Digital K series replaced *ist D, adopted Sony 10-megapixel CCD sensor and weather-sealing construction, was announced on 14 September 2006.

The K-m (K2000 in the US), apparentlt the final model feaTURING THE CCD SENSOR was announced at the 2008 photokina trade show along with the DA-L series of lightweight, inexpensive lenses.

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