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Monday, November 13, 2023

Canon PowerShot Pro1, For Me, A Disappointment

Canon PowerShot Pro1, For Me, A Disappointment 01
Canon PowerShot Pro1, For Me, A Disappointment 02
Canon PowerShot Pro1, For Me, A Disappointment 03
Canon PowerShot Pro1, For Me, A Disappointment 04
Canon PowerShot Pro1, For Me, A Disappointment 05
The CCD Sensor, Image-making with the highly regarded 2004 6MP CCD Canon PowerShot Pro1, just couldn't get the hang of it.
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For all the hype, accolades, and promotions on the excellence of the Canon PowerShot Pro1 (a circa 2004 digicam fitted with a 6MP CCD sensor), the camera, to me, is still a disappointment. It could even be my own fault that I acquired a unit with a slight distribution of moss-like fungal infection on the front lens, which makes autofocusing a hit-and-miss, it is the overall sluggishness of the camera appalls me. Took ages for the camera to focus, and longer still to record the images.

The Canon Powershot Pro1, launched by Canon in 2004, comes fitted with the professional 'L' (Luxury) line lens, made for the earlier FD-mount lens series. Canon 'L' lenses are normally identified with a red ring and the letter 'L' engraved on the lens trim. These lenses tend to be more durable, with some incorporating dust and water-resistant rubber seals. On the Pro1, the lens has a zoom range of 7.2 to 50.8mm, equivalent to 28 to 200mm in 35mm full-frame format. The camera has a maximum speed of 1/4,000 second, measures 117.5 x 72 x 90.3mm deep, and weighs 545 grams.

Canon PowerShot Pro1
Canon PowerShot Pro1

As posted, I do, however, manage to get a few interesting in-focus shots with the Pro1 on its test run. Images were post-processed on the desktop photo editor, cropped to suit, and tweaked with Tone Cirve, Brightness & Contrast, and Unsharp Mask. While the images were near exhilarating, the lethargicness of autofocusing and image recording remains the sore point, and the tendency to pass this model over to another make and model with faster AF and image recording (from later years production run) is all but there.

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