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Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green

Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green 01
Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green 02
Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green 03
Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green 04
Konica C35 Automatic, Konica Hexanon f/2.8 38mm

Shades Of The Green

'Analog diary, a walk in the park with the Konica C35 Automatic'

Konica C35 Automatic
We are lucky enough to have an easy access to a park that fringes almost to our doorstep, early morning walks, and brisk afternoon strolls are yours to pick and choose. I do enjoy these walks on occasion with camera in hand, and for this session, a Konica C35 Automatic rangefinder on a roll of Fujifilm Superia 200.

It was a beautiful day, towards late afternoon, the sun was still bright and shining, and the shots follows closely the path I took around the lake.

Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green 05

Konica C35 Automatic
The camera itself (at least mine is) is a jewel to use. A three-quarter turn on the film forward crank advances the film frame, half press the shutter release and you lock in the exposure, line up the green distance mark to the indicator line on top of the lens front to set the hyperfocal distance, frame and shoot away just like a simple point-and-shoot, as how all the shots displayed here are taken.

The sound of the shutter is very assuring as well, varying itself to the coupled aperture/shutter indicator needle to know that the exposure should be in the region where it should be.

Analog Diary: Shades Of The Green 06

The viewfinder is superbly clean and clear, with the frame line clearly delineated, so as the rangefinder parallax window. Loading and unloading the film cassette is standard as most other film cameras of that era. I had an LR44 1.5V. battery installed with the ASA film speed set to the same value, meaning that I did not bother about EV compensation with the higher voltage battery.

Konica C35 Automatic

The images, as posted here, was post processed on Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3) and tweaked with edits to Auto Tone Correction, Brightness & Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Unsharp Mask, Noise Reduction, and was cropped to the 16:9 aspect ratio.

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