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Film Camera Review, Minolta P's 35mm Panoramic AF Film Camera

Minolta P's 35mm Panoramic Film Camera Review
A quick review of the Minolta P's, a 35mm autofocus point-and-shoot crop-frame panorama film camera from Minolta.

A cult classic, fun, and easy to use, beats the pants off other premium 35mm panoramic film cameras with its 35mm cropped-frame feature. The Minolta P's (aka Minolta Riva Panorama, and Freedom Vista) is a lightweight and compact 35mm autofocus point-and-shoot film camera, introduced by Minolta in 1991, with fixed blinds that trims the top and bottom of the normal 3:2 image aspect ratio of standard 35mm film images to an aspect ratio of 2.7:1.

Minolta P's, Front

The P's technical specification includes a 5-elements in 5-groups 24mm 1:4.5 lens, infrared autofocus with a range from 0.9 meters to infinity, programmed autoexposure, a shutter speed range from 1/4 to 1/200 second when flash is deactivated, accepts DX-coded film roll set to ISO 100 or ISO 400, and automatic film loading and rewind.

Minolta P's, Top

The camera requires a CR132A 3-volt Lithium battery to power its operation, which should be good for up to 25 rolls of 24-exposure film with 50% flash use. Loading the film is fairly straightforward - open the film back, drop the film cartridge into the canister chamber, pull the film tab across to the red line across the film box, and close the back. The camera weighs (without battery) 170 grams and is slim enough to fit in your pants pocket.

Minolta P's,  Back

Using the camera is equally easy and fun, slide the lens cover open, frame the image, and half-press the shutter button for the green diode to light up before releasing the shutter fully. The camera flash will fire automatically to compensate for low-light conditions, and the shutter will remain locked while the flash charges.

Minolta P's,  Film box

To capture images without flash, press and hold the press cancel button, located to the left of the camera's top while taking the shot. Low battery is indicated when the flash takes more than 20 seconds to charge, when the shutter will not release, or when film rewinding stops before the operation is complete. A tripod socket is available on the bottom plane of the camera.

Self-timer operation is automatic when you press the self-timer button located in the recess behind the main shutter release button. QD models of the camera use an additional CR2025 cell battery to power the QD display and options. The battery, which can last for more than a couple of years, is located behind the film pressure plate on the film back.

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