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Film Camera Review, Carena Micro AF 35mm AF Compact Film Camera

Carena Micro AF 35mm Compact Autofocus Film Camera Review
A quick look at the Carena Micro AF, an (almost unknown?) automatic autoexposure 35mm compact film camera by Photo Porst.

The Carema Micro AF, an automatic autofocus 35mm film camera with macro capability, was introduced under the Carena house brand by Photo Porst, a German distributor, and retailer of many brands of cameras that sell as rebadged brands. The Carena brand was introduced in 1970 with products from Cosina, Balda, Franka, Fuji, Mamiya, Taron, and Yashica.

Looking much like a Konica Big Mini, the Carena Micaro AF could be a rebadged version of the Konica Big Mini BM-201, or another near-similar model, without the QD back. The Konica Big Mini BM-201 has been acknowledged as having a good reputation and capability with its sharp 1:3.5 lens and complete autofocus and autoexposure functions.

Carena Micro AF, Front

Without much information available, the Carena Micro AF could also have specs similar to the BM-201 which includes 4 elements in 4-groups 35mm 1:3.5 lens, an electronically programmed shutter with a speed range from 3.6 to 1/500 seconds, an infrared autofocus system with a focus range from 0.35 meters to infinity, and a 10-second delay electronic self-timer. 

Carena Micro AF, Back

Shooting modes can be cycled through the LCD panel on top of the camera Auto Flash, Red-Eye Reduction, Self-Timer, Macro, Flash On, Flash Off, and B. Aside from the LCD panel and its Mode Selection button, the only other features on the top panel are the Power On/Off, and Shutter Release buttons.

Carena Micro AF, Top

The lightweight plastic-bodied camera accepts DX-coded film with an ISO range from 25 to 3200 and came with a plain film back with a Film Check Window. The battery requirement is a 3-volt CR123A Lithium cell which should be able to power the camera for more than 24 rolls of 24-exposure film with 50% flash use.

Carena Micro AF, Bottom

Film loading and rewinding on the Carena Micro AF is automatic, and straightforward, with manual rewind capability. Open the film back, drop the film canister in, pull the film tab across to the red line across the film box to the red line, close the back and the film will load automatically to Frame 1.

Carena Micro AF, Film box

The Carena Micro AF operated with its squarish lens mold extended when the power is switched on, which retracts back flush to the body in its power-down position. The lens front is not protected by blinds as often seen on compacts camera of this era but is seen with a protective filter.

Product Availability

While the camera is hereto unknown, it is available occasionally on the auction market with prices towards the low end of the price spectrum.

Carena Micro AF, View

Its uncanny relationship to the Konica Big Mini, however, does put it in a good steed as a camera with a good breed and repute, worth the consideration of photo enthusiasts with a keen eye for a fun and easy-to-use automatic autoexposure 35mm compact film camera.

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