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Monday, January 1, 2024

Five Frames, Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, In Black-and-White

Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, In Black-and-White 01
Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, In Black-and-White 02
TFujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, In Black-and-White 03
Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, In Black-and-White 04
Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, In Black-and-White 05
The CCD Sensor, looking at black-and-white images captured with the 6MP CCD Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W.
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Happy New Year 2024 Everybody!
Happy New Year 2024 Everybody, All The Best!.

A very pleasant New Year everybody, and all the best for the upcoming year. As is, I am still enjoying my time with the Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W here, with another quick dash out of the door, and another pre-scheduled post, with images post-processed in black-and-white,  for the holidays. Looks like the BigJob HD-3W, a very likable ruggedized 6MP CCD digital, is growing on me, and will probably end up being the go-to camera as and when or at any time I need to be outside.

This water, dust, and shockproof camera can withstand a fall height of 0.7 meters. comes with a simple autoexposure shooting menu, easy access buttons for users wearing gloves, a scratch-resistant lens cover, a huge 3-inch LCD screen, and a powerful 10-meter flash. Manufactured for use within the harsh environments of the construction, engineering, health and safety, and manufacturing industries, the camera is equally adaptable to the rough and tough enthusiasts outdoors.

Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W
Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W

For its own specialized use, the camera came with two worlds first, a mode to check for image manipulation after the picture was recorded, and image capture at 1MP for easy distribution by e-mail. The camera also comes with three emulation modes - F-Standard, F-Chrome, and F-B&W, with the latter two indicated on the LCD screen as film-roll icons. Access to these modes is via the Shooting Menu.

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