Monday, February 15, 2021

Mobile Photography, Learning Time Lapse

Nokia 3.1


Learning Time Lapse

I got the time-lapse photography bug recently and decided to start learning the technique by doing a few on a trial basis. Nothing much in terms of hardware and equipment, just my age-old 2018 version Nokia 3.1, and a low-cost Universal Mobile Phone Holder Tripod Stand. For the apps, I used Framelapse which is available as a free download, and on my desktop, an installed version of OpenShot Video Editor.

Nokia 3.1

Nothing much to show off here as yet, just the first few initial frames shot mainly from the front of the house with the camera perched on top of the car, or on the gatepost. The main virtue of this early learning curve is the time it takes for each sequence to be shot. Mine was one hour and fifteen minutes, shooting a frame every five seconds for a 30-second time-lapse sequence. Final edits, if done straight on the phone do not take more than a few extra minutes and all is done and go after that.

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