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Video Guides: Olympus XA 35mm Film Cameras

Olympus XA4 Macro

Olympus XA

    Oly35mm Review - Olympus XA

    This 1979 wonder was one of the smallest 35mm cameras to ever be released and sported higher-end features including Aperture Priority exposure, rangefinder focussing, and backlight compensation. Coupled with the A11 flash, the XA was (and still is) a formidable little camera.

Olympus XA2

Olympus XA3


    Everything you need to know about the Olympus XA 35mm Film camera! It makes for a great street photography camera that fits right in your pocket.

Olympus XA1

    Olympus XA1 - A quick street photography camera (review)

    This is a review on the Olympus XA1, which is a quick and tiny little point and shoot camera. Best suited for beginners or street photography, this camera will capture everything in focus with just a simple click of the shutter button.

    I go through all the functions of the camera, how to load the film, and my overall thoughts of what I think about this camera. I also compare a few aspects of this camera with the Olympus XA-2, which is the XA1's older brother.

#VideoGuides - Olympus XA Series 35mm Film Cameras

The Olympus XA series of 35mm film cameras, manufactured and marketed by Olympus of Japan, started off with the Olympus XA, a rangefinder camera with a fast 35 mm f/2.8 lens, an electronically controlled shutter, and aperture priority metering.

The Olympus XA, together with the Contax T, was one of the smallest rangefinder cameras ever made. The series continues with the XA2, XA3, and XA4 which features scale focusing instead of a  rangefinder system. The series was also accompanied by the Olympus XA1, a mechanical system camera with a fixed-focus lens.

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