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Video Guides: Olympus OM10/20/30/40 SLR Cameras

Olympus OM10

    Introduction to the Olympus OM10, Video 1 of 2

    Olympus made the OM double-digit series to complement the single-digit series. The professional-level OM series cameras are designated by a single number separated from the OM designation by a hyphen. The consumer-grade OM cameras have two digits and no hyphens. The aperture-priority OM10 was a great entry-level camera with capable features and good handling.

Olympus OM20 / OM G

Olympus OM30 / OM F

    REVIEW : Olympus OM30 Film Camera

    The 'rare' OM30 from 1983 shown with a 50mm f1.4 Zuiko MC auto-S lens and 'how to use and load it' . I also show some PRINTS taken with it. If you wish to contribute to my Channel expenses of Film , Paper and Chemicals please go to the buymecoffee link below -- Many Thanks for all my Subscribers and hope my HEALTH holds up a little longer !

Olympus OM40 / OM PC


    filmphotography #analog #olympusOMPC Overview of the functions and limitations of the Olympus OMPC (Also called OM40, depending on region) 35mm SLR Film Camera.

#VideoGuides - Olympus OM10/20/30/40 35mm SLR Film Cameras

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