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Video Guides: Olympus OM-1/2/3/4 SLR Film Cameras

Olympus OM-1 / OM-1 (MD) / OM-1n

    Olympus OM-1n Camera Review

    This video is about Olympus OM-1n camera. One of the favorites in my collection. I did include some images at the back end of the video in case you are interested. Taken with various Zuiko lesnes.

Olympus OM-2 / OM-2n

Olympus OM-2 / OM-2 SP

    Olympus OM2SP (or Spot Program) in 3 minutes

    The Olympus OM2 SP was introduced in 1984 by Olympus, and is the next iteration from the beautiful OM2. Here is the link giving more information if you need it:

Olympus OM-3 / OM-3T

    WAJDA PHOTO - Gear Talk: Olympus OM-3

    WAJDA PHOTO - Gear Talk: Olympus OM-3 To support me as a patron with a contribution, even just $1 or $2 a month: - Many Thanks!

Olympus OM-4 / OM-4T


    Olympus OM-4 Video

#VideoGuides - Olympus OM-1/2/3/4 35mm SLR Film Cameras

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