Vintage Lens Reviews

Review of vintage manual focus lenses for vintage 35mm SLR film cameras


3 Manual Focus Primes

'A quick discourse on the adaptation of legacy manual focus prime lenses for use on a 2x crop-sensor Interchangeable Lens Camera (ILC)' Against the odds of acquiring high-priced auto-everything prime lenses for my crop-sensor mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC), I am looking, instead, at legacy manual focus primes with a similar or a near-to focal length equivalent as alternate options.

40mm Prime Lenses

'A quick look review at three 40mm focal length manual and autofocus lenses for your 35mm full-frame cameras' For still photographers using 35mm full-frame cameras, a 40mm focal length prime lens, normally a tiny and lightweight pancake, is probably the only lens you will need on your camera most of the time.

A Trio of Olympus Zuiko Pen F/FT MF Lenses

'A trio of Olympus Pen FT lenses, the F.Zuiko Auto-S 38mm F1.8, E.Zuiko Auto-T 100mm F3.5, and E.Zuiko Auto-T 150mm F4' I have a trio of well used and battered Olympus Pen-FT manual focus lenses, which were originally produced for the Olympus Pen-F half-frame SLR camera system, carefully stored away in their silica gelled plastic packs in the storage bin.

Minolta MD Zoom 28-85mm F3.5~4.5

'A quick look at a lens that turned out to an outstanding surprise, couldn't ask for more' One of the more interesting lenses I have in my collection is a fantastic sleeper, the two-touch varifocal Minolta MD Zoom 28-85mm F3.5~4.5.

Sigma Zoom-Gamma 21-35mm F3.5~4

'Sigma Zoom Gamma 21-35mm F3.5~4, the world's first wide-angle zoom lens, with images shot on a 2x crop-sensor digital ILC' Imagine being able to replicate the use of four wide and ultra-wide-angle primes from 21, 24, 28, and 35mm with a single zoom unit that combines the four focal lengths into one, albeit longer in length and heavier in weight than the any of the four.

Tamron Adaptall-2 70-210mm F4~5.6

'A quick look review of the Tamron Adaptall-2 70-210mm F4~5.6 (58A/158A) lens with images captured on the Olympus Pen E-P5' I suppose every mail-order film camera and lenses enthusiast may have one, tucked away in the far corner of the dry-box, or placed in storage, an item which does not seem to fit right into the scene first time you received it.

Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 28-80mm F3.5-4.2

'A quick look review of the Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 28-80mm f/3.5-4.2 (27A) lens with images captured on the Olympus Pen E-P5' Compared to the compact and lightweight Tamron Adaptall-2 70-210mm F4~5.6 (58A/158A), the Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 28-80mm F3.5-4.2 (27A) is the complete opposite.

Zuiko OM Auto-W 21mm F3.5

'A quick look review at the ultra-wide-angle Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-W 21mm F3.5' One of the legacy lenses I have in my collection, which also happens to be my favorite, is the Zuiko Auto-W 21mm F3.5, a rectilinear ultra wide-angle manual focus lens first introduced for the Olympus OM 35mm SLR series in 1971.

Zuiko OM Auto-Zoom 35-70mm F4

'A quick look review at the Olympus-OM System S Zuiko MC Auto-Zoom 35-70mm F4 with images shot on the Olympus E-P5' A standard zoom lens, one that can be used in place of popular primes with focal lengths of a moderate wide-angle, a standard, and a short telephoto is one of the regulars that one can find in a photo enthusiast's camera bag.

Zuiko OM Auto-Zoom 75-150mm F4

'A quick look review of the Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-Zoom 75-150mm F4 lens' The Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-Zoom 75-150mm F4, a two-touch parfocal telephoto zoom, was the first zoom lens produced for the OM-System cameras.

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