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Video Guides: Canon EOS Rebel SLR Film Cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T2 / EOS Kiss 7 / EOS 300X

    Modern film camera- Canon T2

    The Canon EOS Rebel T2 / EOS Kiss 7 / EOS 300X offers 7-point wide-area autofocus – five focusing points arranged horizontally within the viewfinder and one each above and below the center point, with an enhanced 35-zone evaluative metering sensor linked to each focusing point. Maxumum shuitter speed is now 1/4000 second and an increased X-sync speed of 1/125 second, nor normally found with camera within this class.

EOS Rebel Ti / EOS Kiss 5 / EOS 300V

    Canon EOS 300V

    The EOS Rebel Ti / EOS Kiss 5 / EOS 300V features a high-speed-processing microcomputer and new algorithms, setting the camera up with the fastest AF speed in its class, as well as an improved predictive AF performance when shooting moving objects. Comes with an ergonomic handgrip and elegant incandescent-silver and metallic-gray exterior finish, compact at 130 x 88 x 64mm, and lightweight at 365g, a rear panel with a large-size (30 x 30mm) LCD panel with backlight. All main operating controls are grouped together on the right side of the camera to enable the operation of most functions with one hand.


EOS REBEL 2000/QD / EOS Kiss III / EOS 300/QD

    Canon EOS Rebel 2000 (300, Kiss 3) Video 1: Features, Functions, and Interface

    Successor to New EOS Kiss/REBEL G/500N, with an “easier to use and more comfortable” concept, smaller and lighter weight, but with a higher performance AF system, exposure control and other basic features including a seven focusing-point wide-view AF system with a focusing speed equivalent to that of the EOS 55/ELAN II E/50E. The camera has 35-zone evaluative metering, E-TTL flash exposure control linked to an active focusing point, an easy depth of field preview, higher speed of 1.5 fps film advance, shorter viewfinder black-out time, mid-roll film rewind button and a wireless remote control (Japanese model only). The camera body is two-tone silver and black.

    Canon EOS Rebel 2000 (300, Kiss 3) Video 2: Battery, Lenses, Film, Mode Dial, Functions, and Flash

    The black model was introduced in Japanese market in September, 2000.

EOS REBEL G / New EOS Kiss / EOS500N


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