Monday, June 3, 2019

Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia

Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia 01
Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia 02
Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia 03
Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia 04
Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia 05
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Analog Diary, Aged in Sepia

A sad thought on the demise of one of my AF 35mm film cameras, the Olympus IZM  220 AF Panorama Zoom, which I was very keen to keep using after a promising start with the quick look review.

As I wrote in the 'Post Edit: A Sad Ending on the camera review page:
Well, while I believe that the IZM 220 can be an equivalent to the Olympus Mju II, Olympus XA, or the Trip 35, if not just as good, my unit went for a sad ending by burning itself out when I was to reinstall the batteries again for another outing. The camera just went whiz, whiz, whiz, and clunk. The lens was jammed halfway out, and nothing else worked. The batteries were also heated up that it almost burns my fingers when I tried to take out. Was this what the recall was about?
I was really excited about having the camera, though its form may be that of a wedged brick. The camera comes with a fairly large viewfinder, and the brightest I have experienced so far (on compact 35mm cameras), and I was equally taken back with sharpness and clarity of the images it produces. But, well!

Images were post-processed and converted to sepia on Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3), and print sharpened on Google NIK Sharpener Pro3.

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