Monday, December 24, 2018

Analog Diary, The Ride #II

Analog Diary, The Ride #II 01
Analog Diary, The Ride #II 02
Analog Diary, The Ride #II 03
Analog Diary, The Ride #II 04
Analog Diary, The Ride #II 05
Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20

Analog Diary, The Ride #II

'Another ride down the LRT (Light Rail Transport) from downtown central to my stop, this time with a Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20 and a roll of expired Kodakcolor 200'

Another roll of expired film, and another ride on the Light Rail Transport (LRT) from the downtown central station to my stop. This was the day I went down to do the street shoot of the Divali (Deepavali) Street Bazaar, which I posted about recently. The camera that I took along for the outing was the Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20.

Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20
By itself, the BM-20 is a stylish black (or red) box with rounded corners and has a rectangular patch for a lens housing that extends out of the body slightly when it is powered on.

It is small and light enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in your pants pocket, with a wide-angle 34mm F3.5 lens that should take in the vistas and perspectives probably better than most mobile camera lenses.

A 35mm focal length lens, if yours is a prime mounted on your SLR, will lend itself quite nicely to the hyperfocal distance and zone focusing technique for street photography, as the wider the lens the broader the depth of field it offers at any given aperture. Its no difference on the automatic AF BM-20 either, rolling landscapes and urbanscape vistas are poster perfect scenes.

Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20

A small quirk for the BM-20 and a whole range of other make cameras that were produced during the time period is the auto flash that is persistent at even the slightest indication of underexposure. Against the very bright external ambiance as seen from the front carriage of these shots, however, the flash on the camera was rather well behaved.

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Wishing one and all!

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