Monday, October 29, 2018

Mobile Photography, The Classic

Mobile Photography, The Classic 01
Mobile Photography, The Classic 02
Mobile Photography, The Classic 03
Mobile Photography, The Classic 04
Nokia Asha 300

Mobile Photography, The Classic

'Digging the archive for images worth presenting'

I wasn't too happy at all with the images from an early outing with the Nokia 3.1, that came with a camera, as they say, is just another run of the mill product with not much more to add to it. Though the camera's HDR function may help to boost the dynamic range and contrast, and gives you slightly better images, let alone be and I rather leave it aside for the moment.

Nokia Asha 300
The bump sets me back from posting a subsequent to the post with images already recorded but instead had me digging the archives for materials for the next scheduled post on Mobile Photography.

Luck was with me as I came across a selection of images which were previously recorded on the Nokia Asha 300, a candy-bar cellular phone model introduced way back in 2011, which I was using then.

Small and diminutive when compared to today's smartphones, the cell is really compact and it sits comfortably in your hands. This may prove, however, to be a bit of a trifle when used as a camera with your fingers fumbling all over the camera control interface. On image capture, the Nokia Asha 300 came with a 5MP fixed-focus rear camera, capturing images with maximum a resolution of 2592 x 1944.

While views and reviews of the camera capabilities are mixed and varied, I tend to look at it as being on the better side, with clear and sharp images befitting its small sensor size.

These initial group of images, which I referred to as 'classic', not for any reason at all, were from around the office where I was previously working. While the first image is a good example of the capability of the camera, the others are a bit muddled up as they have been edited and re-edited again away from their original pixel size.

I did, however, found more images in the archive, including a small batch of images which are quite beyond what I have expected. Surprisingly, these include a batch of pretty sharp and clear images, with a good color rendition, which I will polish up and post in the next post of the Mobile Photography series.

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