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Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar

Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar 01
Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar 02
Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar 03
Olympus Trip 35

Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar

'Catching the sight and scene down at the Ramadan Bazaar with the Olympus Trip 35'

Olympus Trip 35
The annual Ramadan Bazaar, as always, is a hive of activity where throngs of buyers size up the delights for their break of fast and the sellers equally active hawking the aromas of local delicacies.

Feast your eyes on the spread, pick your flavor of the day, back again tomorrow for another selection, forget not that this will last for only a month, and savor your thought on what the new year will bring.

Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar 04

This session was shot with the Olympus Trip 35, a fully-automatic viewfinder camera made from 1968 to 1983, made popular with promotions that incorporate an advertising campaign featuring renowned British photographer David Bailey.

The Trip 35 is a four-zone focus point and shoot model with a scintillating sharp D.Zuiko 40mm 1:2.8 lens, with a solar-powered selenium light meter that adjusts the aperture of the lens when the camera is set to its 'A' mode.

Analog Diary, At The Ramadan Bazaar 05

Shutter speed on the Trip 35 is 1/200th second when the camera is set to the 'A' mode, and 1/40th second when set for manual or flash mode.

A red pop-up flag locks the shutter from being fired when the camera detects insufficient lighting for the 'A' mode to get a correct exposure for the framed view.
Olympus Trip 35, Film box

Apart from the straightforward four-position zone focus system, and an ISO setting from 25–400 (for the later version with the black plastic shutter button), the snap-shooter camera had no other photographic controls.

On bright and sunny days where the aperture on the camera tends to be at 1:8 or smaller, just set the zone focus to 'Group' and you will probably get all your shots in focus.

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