Monday, June 5, 2017

Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1

Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1 01
Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1 02
Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1 03
Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1 04
Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1 05
Olympus XA 1, D.Zuiko 35mm f/4

Street Scene Abstracts, Olympus XA1

'Analog Diary - Looking at post-processed street scene abstracts from images taken with the Olympus XA1'

Olympus XA1
I did a hipster style walk-through of a public place recently, taking snapshots of the people and activity with the Olympus XA1 held at hip level, with image framing done visually without looking through the camera's viewfinder.

Resulting images are quite interesting and diversified. While some are sharp and properly framed, most others turned out unframed, unfocused, and blurred by camera and body shake. Getting these images together into a visual storyline was done with the tone curve tool in post-processing.

The Tone Curve tool, as available on Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3) as well as most image editors, is a graphical representation of the tonal range of your image and the tool allows you to manipulate the brightness and contrast of the RGB color gamut of the image or the individual red, green and blue channels by picking the color separately from the drop-down list.

The tonal range of an image can be changed by first placing cursor points on the diagonal representation of the image and then by dragging the points up or down from its original location. The line can be dragged at multiple points along the line for varying results, and curves controlled by using a number of anchor points placed along the line.

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