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Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style

Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style 01
Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style 02
Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style 03
Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style 04
Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style 05
Olympus XA 1, D.Zuiko f/4 35mm

Analog Diary, Shooting Hipster Style

'In the park, shooting hipster style with the point-and-shoot Olympus XA1'

Olympus XA1
Took the Olympus XA1, and a roll of Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 for an out and about in the park recently, did the shots hipster style and was very excited at what I saw of the scanned images that came back from the lab.

On the XAI, which comes with a fixed focus f/4 lens, you do not have to worry about focusing on everything is sharp beyond 1.5 meters.

Along with the minuscule size of the viewfinder, which I sometimes fret about, I find it better to compose the right mix of form and space, light and shadows with the naked eye, rather than the viewfinder, and trust that the camera is pointing and capturing the right scenario as I am looking at.

Shooting hipster style is straight shooting with the camera at your hips (waist high), without prior framing or composing the image through the viewfinder, more or less a guesstimate shot. Doing it is pretty easy actually.

All you have to do is to first pick your vantage point, hold the camera level and horizontal at hip height with both hands, frame the composition physically with your eyes and body movement, press the shutter with your right thumb, and you are done.

This is the technique I use instead of going down on my knees every time I want to grab a hip level shot.

Image tweaks on the Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3) include edits in Auto Tone Correction, Tone Curve, Color Balance, Sharpness & Blur, and Unsharp Mask. I left Hue & Saturation untouched for this batch of images.

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