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Analog Diary: A Touch of Impressionism

Analog Diary: A Touch of Impressionism 01
Analog Diary: A Touch of Impressionism 02
Analog Diary: A Touch of Impressionism 03
Canon AE-1 Program, Canon FDn 50mm 1:1.8

A Touch Of Impressionism

Canon AE-1 Program, Canon FDn 50mm 1:1.8
'Creative night shots post-processed with images form Canon AE-1 Program + Canon FDn 50mm 1:1.8'

I still had a few shots left on the roll of film that I use for the 'A Sampling Of Images' with the Canon AE-1 Program and Canon FDN 50mm 1:1.8 lens and took the opportunity to finish the roll with a handful of night shots.

Shooting handheld means whatever that can go wrong will go wrong - washed out colors, camera shake, out of focus setting, and all that you want to relate to failed images.

Rather than letting the shots go to waste, I took the images and went for a doodle with the Tone Curve tool on the image and post-processing editor, Olympus Viewer 3. The result was an interesting modernist art effect close enough to what I understand as being part Impressionism. Of course, I might be wrong. Nevertheless, I did a few more and ended up with this weeks post.

Analog Diary: A Touch of Impressionism 04

Introduced as a successor to the Canon AE-1 (1976), the Canon AE-1 Program (1981) is one of the most popular cameras of all time.

The 35mm SLR saw the introduction of the Program AE mode, which enables both the shutter speed and aperture automatically by the camera with the metering is slightly biased towards the shutter speed setting.

Analog Diary: A Touch of Impressionism 05

The Canon FDn 50mm f/1.8 too has its own merits. It was the lightest, and the cheapest, of all Canon FD interchangeable lenses, and the only lens in the Canon FDn series that came with only the SC (Spectra Coating) coating as opposed to the others which came with SSC coating. Handling was superb and its solid reputation for stable picture quality and sharp, crisp pictures has always been acknowledged.

From Wikipedia: 'Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles. Impressionism originated with a group of Paris-based artists whose independent exhibitions brought them to prominence during the 1870s and 1880s.'

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