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Analog Diary: Crop-Frame Panoramas

Crop-Frame Panoramas 01
Crop-Frame Panoramas 02
Crop-Frame Panoramas 03
Crop-Frame Panoramas 04
Olympus LT Zoom 105, Olympus Zoom f/4.5-8.9 38-105mm

Olympus LT Zoom 105

Crop-Frame Panoramas

'Crop-frame panoramas with the Olympus LT Zoom 105'

A category of 35mm film cameras capable of taking panoramas is the crop-frame panoramic cameras, normally a full frame 35mm camera with a switch or lever that activates a pair of blind or crop film gate that will reduce the 24 x 36 mm frame size to about 14mm x 36mm.

The Olympus LT Zoom 105 QP is one of these cameras. The panorama switch lever is located at the back of the top plate, towards the left side of the body. When activated, the lever will not only set the film gate to the panoramic shooting position, but it will also activate another pair within the viewfinder window, making the viewfinder panoramic as well.

Crop-Frame Panoramas 05
Crop-Frame Panoramas 06

As all images are still captured on the 24mm x 36mm film frame, you are free to switch between the two shooting modes - full-frame and cropped-frame panorama - on any frame you wish to do so. Aside from the diminutive viewfinder, the autofocus and fully automatic retro-style LT Zoom 105 with the Zuiko 38-105mm, f/4.5-8.9 zoom lens is quite fun to use.

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