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Analog Diary: Soft, Sharp, and Saturated

Soft, Sharp and Saturated 01
Soft, Sharp and Saturated 02
Soft, Sharp and Saturated 03
Soft, Sharp and Saturated 04
Olympus XA 1, D.Zuiko 35mm f/4

Soft, Sharp, and Saturated

Olympus XA 1
'Soft, sharp and saturated colors with the point-and-shoot Olympus XA 1'

The Olympus XA 1 has only 2 film ASA speed setting - ASA 100 and ASA 400. ASA 400 film have light-sensitive materials which are larger in grain sizes when compared to films with slower ASA speed. Though the film requires less light for a proper exposure, photo images and may show up with visible grain.

On a typical bright light situation, however, you can get away from motion blur and achieve great depth of field as the fast film speed lets you shoot with a faster shutter speed and smaller aperture.

Soft, Sharp and Saturated 05

Olympus XA 1
One of the fun things you can do with the Olympus XA 1 is using it to shoot in exposure lock mode. I used this technique on a couple of occasions, got the shots that I wanted and was delighted with the results.

What you need to do is first to point the camera at the brighter light source, half-press the shutter release to activate the metering, then turn the camera to frame the composition and take the shot. The shutter button on the XA 1 will be locked if the red pop-up flag is activated in insufficient lighting condition.

Soft, Sharp and Saturated 06

Olympus XA 1
The banner head image above was from a roadside seating position at a local 24-hour eatery, looking slightly up the sidewalk steps into the passageway lining up the shopfronts.

The second and third images are from a much brighter environment inside a shopping mall, shot with the camera resting on the tabletop of one of the eateries. Exposure setting was taken from ceiling light which was directly above my head. All three images may not be as sharp or clear as it could be, but it does enough to portray the environment and the setting of the shots.

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