Monday, January 23, 2017

Going Ultra Wide Angle I, Zuiko Auto-W 21mm 1:3.5

Going Ultra Wide Angle I 01
Going Ultra Wide Angle I 02
Going Ultra Wide Angle I 03
Going Ultra Wide Angle I 04
Olympus OM-2SP, Zuiko MC Auto-W f/3.5 21mm

Going Ultra Wide Angle I

Zuiko Auto-W 21mm 1:3.5
'Analog diary, taking the Zuiko Auto-W 21mm 1:3.5 ultra wide angle lens for a walk in the park - Part I'

It was a fine a sunny early evening when I first took the Zuiko Auto-W MC 21mm f/3.5, an ultra-wide angle lens, for a walk in the park. The sun was still bright showing the hints of a golden sunset which in the end did not really materialize.

Completed the walk around the perimeter of the lake, finished a roll of shots on a camera that has erratic metering. Happy to share the first batch of shots here.

Aside from those bunked by the erratic metering of the camera, and shortcomings from my own creativity, the outing went quiet well and I was more than pleased with the results.

Going Ultra Wide Angle I 05

The f/3.5 21mm is considered sharp and highly recommended for ultra-wide angles and landscape use, a genre where you don't really need autofocus capabilities. On the camera, focusing is manual with the focus scale on the lens set to hyperfocal distance. Images were post-processed on Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3).

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